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growing concern about the bombing of rebel-held areas by gaddafi's forces, there are voices in the u.s. and europe calling for the rebels to be armed to directly. it sounds simple, but history offers plenty of cautionary tales. in a moment, we will hear whether senator john mccain thinks it is a good idea. >> what i am calling for is a greater access for the libyan opposition forces for weaponry. >> there is no guarantee that by helping these people, you necessarily bring about a more democratic outcome or more desirable outcome. >> the question is, what kind of arms with a supply? whom would supply them? britain session -- britain's special forces may have suffered a setback last week in libya. but the momentum is still building in the west for military intervention of some kind, including perhaps arm the rebels. in libya, repeated bombing by government warplanes around the rebel-held oil town of ras lanuf marks colonel gaddafi's drive in his country. opposition forces are determined, but still lack a clear organization or command structure. the worst violence was reported near tripol
in prison. >> the continuations of the policies the u.s. government has been using at guantanamo bay and other such sites and past has now come to american citizens. >> for an innovation in libya with the french philosopher who urged president sarkozy to take action there. and the editor of a pan arab newspaper. ♪ >> hello. at least 20 people have been killed in recent weeks as bahrain's sunni rulers backed by saudi led military force and to crush a month-long uprising by the tiny island kingdom's chez at -- shiite majority. the u.n. human rights organization set up to 100 people have been reported missing since the government began cracking down on the protests. before those protests even began, we were investigating the regime's attempt to stifle the opposition. here is his assessment of the current standoff. >> after four weeks of protests, on march 16, the baring police and army cleared the square. five protesters are dead. an estimated 100 missing. some arrested, some in hiding, fearing for their lives. there is a climate of fear across the shia community. since march 16 in th
. the government spokesperson was educated in the u.s. and has a dim view of panicking foreigners. >> is there anything you're not telling us? >> i am telling you all the things i know. i try to explain, especially to those living overseas or to non- japanese speakers, to provide as much information as possible. come a pointst when you will tell people to leave the city. when does that point come? >> to leave the city? >> you must have a benchmark, a line. when radiation reaches that level, it is time to go. what is that line? >> that is something we do not expect to happen in tokyo. >> there must be a concern about the fukushima power plant or they would not have build generators to cool the reactors. >> we are not so sensitive about the possible impact of radiation. when you are visiting tokyo, you do not see people panicking. this is the reality that most japanese people are going through. >> here in the government district, they're beginning to feel the heat. all reasons to worry, but so far in this crisis, the japanese people carry on with quiet determination. the commuter tr
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)